It was early morning

Before the pink touched the sky

I quietly climbed the tree


It took a few minutes

With my gear strapped on

To settle and get my bearings


Perched high above the smaller trees

The brush and fallen branches

The forest floor


I wanted to drink some coffee

But I was scent free now

And making every attempt to stay that way


The deer would be moving soon

And I knew chances were slim

Of spotting one


But I had done my homework

Hiking and scouting

And watching for tracks


I sat there drinking hot water

Pretending that it contained caffeine

And waiting, watching, wishing


I heard a rustle nearby and froze

Willing myself not to breathe

The animal stopped, hesitated


After a moment he moved

Stepping into a clearing

Not far from my where I sat


I slowly raised my arms

Looking closely through the lens of my scope

He was perfect


It was then that I moved my finger

The action was in motion

And I couldn’t believe my luck


First time out

A trophy buck first thing in the morning

Best photo I ever took


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