Hour Nine

Set a timer. Write whatever comes in to your head for 5 minutes as fast as you can. Don’t delete anything you type, and don’t bother to spell check. It is all about getting the words down on the paper. After the 5 minutes are up start editing what you have. Feel free to cut and add material as needed. Try to spend at least 15 minutes, if not longer, editing the piece.

Spontaneity is the hand of Hadit,
we live in a time of polished nonsense—
bunkum at every turn.
Well I say, Good Riddance.
Who needs euphemisms anyway?
Compelled to express a variation of
madness that seeps from the corners
of consciousness, I will manifest
an unwavering movement of action.
Willpower is spirit, spirit is me.
My outward expression is not representative
of who I am. My thoughts, speech, and deed
Will quantify me as a wanderer.
Can the magick of words bleed through
without the tone of the writer heard?
I want to divulge a secret… I am not me,
and you are not you. You are not your
job, automobile, prized possessions, family name;
You are not your fucking Khakis.
We are the all singing all dancing crap of the world.
If you have time to dance,
sit quietly you happy lucky idiot—thanks Ninao.
I ride a tide of emerald river water. Surfing
through the cosmos as a salmon upstream—
against the flow.

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