Truth is…

Most times
We don’t even know what we say
We assume we have it all right
When reality is…
We’re just cherubs trapped
In a grown body

Our minds play this game
Cat and mouse
Is it mind over matter?
Body over mind?

We claim to have all the answers
In just the little time of being alive

We boast about
All the achievements we’ve made so far
Yet have no clue that
There’s so much more to do

What we’ve obtained
Means nothing in the grand scheme
Of things

We claim we know what life is all about
Truth is…
We don’t

We’re all just learning
From past mistakes
That were made
In our previous

What we do know
Is how to put others down
We act like everything is rightfully ours
We quickly become defensive
And act like
Others have ulterior motives
Ones that might put us to shame

Too many of us
Live a life full of fear
We don’t know how
To just let go
And know that in life
We can never be without

We have an infinite supply
To satisfy all our means
All we have to do is
Reach for what we dream

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