Hello All

My name is Louana however I go by Lou for simplicity. I live in the PNW. I have two adult children, a wonderful daughter- in-law, and two beautiful granddaughters. I have been married to my second husband for 4 years. I left the workforce in October 2019 to help my husband through some depression he was going through. He lost a son, his Father and his sister (his only sibling) within a 5 year span. His Mother died when he was in his late Twenties. So he was feeling alone and because I was at work not at home he felt like I didn’t care. Anyway he is doing much better now. I have been writing poetry for years. I believe in the power of words. I haven’t published anything yet however I have wrote personalized poems for people to give as gifts, read at weddings, at funerals, or just because. I am excited for this adventure and it is my first. I have been trying my hand at writing different types of poems and having fun with it.
looking forward to reading all your wonderful work also:)

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