Daily Parade

Mama pulled out the stroller and

Put on my prettiest dress.

My heart started to beat faster

Cause I knew what this meant.


Will he be up on the roof or

Hammering a wall?

Will he talk to us this time or

Turn away like before?


As we get closer, mama fixes my hair

And I start to squirm and squeal.

I try to tell her to let me out

I can walk right up to him and make him see.


Would he notice my pretty bow or

My eyes just like his?

Would he swing me in his arms or

Bend and give me a kiss?


When we start to pass, a man walks over

But he isn’t him, so Mama keeps walking.

“He doesn’t work here anymore, Fran, so

You can please stop the daily parade.”


Didn’t he think I was pretty enough or

See my big smile and wave?

Doesn’t he know I love him or

Need him to be here with us?


Mama pushes us home a little slower.

My little heart hurts so much,

How could this be?

My Daddy doesn’t want me.




Daily Parade


August 13, 2016

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