hour nine

ok…here it goes…what ever comes to mind…

It will be interesting to see

what my brain can find

to talk about…

it certainly loves to talk,

at least to me

not so much to others…

my brain’s tongue falls over

its eye teeth and it can’t see

what it wants to say,

as my grandfather

would say.

I can’t smell cherry tobacco

and not think of him.

He had the biggest smile.

Almost as big as his belly.

I wrote a biography

about him when I was 8, in the 3rd grade.

It made my dad angry.

He said I made things up

and, yet, he was the one that

told me what to write.

I love to write.

I want to write about my dad, but

he wouldn’t like that.

So, I guess I will just have to make things up. 😉

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