My Intro

Greetings, all!

Thanks for letting me join the ranks for my second half-marathon! I’m collecting my fruits and nuts for the twelve-hour oscarsprint, and my adorably helicopter wife will undoubtedly be hovering nearby, ready to bring me endless cups of hot tea and coffee.

I’m a college professor of sociology by day and writer by night. I’m also a lesbian feminist who lives in deep-red South Dakota. Yeeaaahhhh.

I write hetero, paranormal romance under the name Elle Hill and am currently penning my first lesbian paranormal romance; my lesbian pseudonym is TBD. I’ve also published poetry under my real name: Lesleigh Owen.

I can’t wait to do this thang!

Oh, and btw, behold a picture of my dog, Oscar. I have no reason to post a picture of him; Oscar needs no reason to crawl into your heart.

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