A little about me

  1. I am Mariam Ali Mohammed a 16 years 10th grader, from Ghana in the city of Accra.Writing poems has been my passion for the past 3 years. I lost this passion though, when I lost my only parchment that has all my poetries in it(all the poetry I was able to write). So I decided to give up this passion for writing poems in June  2018. But then, it refused to go away for too long, because my absence was making it feel lifeless.My passion was back from its short journey in September 2018, when my teacher forced me to write a poem, knowing perfectly well that I had abandoned that passion.And I never let that passion  go, till today when I am preparing myself for a poetry marathon.

Am still hoping, praying and not wishing, that , I will be able to jump over any trap in my path to progressing in the life of poetry.

I have decided to start laying bricks to build a wall like Will Smith said. Rather than just building a wall.


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