Autobiography of a Face

Meet the detective I hired to find the things I’ve lost

gold earring, jade bracelet, single gloves, my face

which disappears and only seen in shade until eyes are drawn

lips are outlined by two tubes of scarlet gloss, the nose made

less prominent and clear cheeks unblemished, highlighted

bones stark, not puffed out at all.

My face looks like someone else, unfamiliar to me, strange

to family, acquaintances unknown, I’m lost as much as each

item saved in hope for a match to appear now as this

private eye entered the scene.

Mr. Eye questions me, asks where I came from, what town,

what foods I eat, what makes me glad, who I admire, books

I’ve read, songs I like. Soon Mr. Eye believes he can fill out the

rest of me and once he knows my preferences the rest is solved.

Soon the earring has a mate, the bracelet is In its box, gloves are

paired, my face returns and everything is reborn.

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