Going solo

the lot in life for a writer

solitary time savored

the attraction

lost on others not so


alone is not lonely

my companions the ideas

in my head, struggling

to make their way

to freedom through

fingers artfully

laying them across

blank pages

remaining denizens of

the house sleep,

the dogs don’t wait up,

but will arise early to

join morning sessions

feeling some sense

of completion

I can close up my

notebook, shut down

my laptop

and with satisfaction,

wait for the world

to come to me


– Mark L. Lucker

© 2016

One thought on “Going solo

  1. “I can close up my /notebook, shut down/my laptop/
    and with satisfaction,/wait for the world/to come to me”

    beautiful…I felt like that last night after I shut everything down, however, I have to say that the only thing I waited to come to me was sleep. I do love the gentle feel of this piece. It captured the quiet, solitary peace that embraced my house at this same point. Thank you for this.

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