Poem #13: Nocturna

The song of the burdened lover,

The brief appearance of Lazarus, resurrecting the screams from us,

The lungs that whisper nothings to the ear,

And deal in foolish love.

The skeletons of the six o’clock madness come raging out,

Still wondering what you are thinking now?

This shitty city’s roads do not tell your secrets,

And you sit back and sit on your phone,

Collect the souls of eager lovers to taint your soul,

We never are anything of the night,

Lazarus has brought you back to life,

And you stumble around, your colors are gone,

Drained of what you once knew and once loved.

The secrets to your bones, the rattling echo as you move,

I see the night, the evening is my mother,

And the stars all whine your name still.

I see your name all over, the road to my north stine home,

The road to your home, down into the end of this city,

The nice homes, the ones we hide our secrets in,

Behind bricks and gold,

I see the way you shine with her,

The pale man just like the moon,

The beautiful russian savior, here to spill the truth,

The evening is my mother,

The night is your wife,

Your lover, Nocturna,

The beautiful whisper of darkness,

Between your teeth is truth,

Between the kiss are lies.

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