Prompt 8/Poem 8

We need a resolution
A solution to a continuing issue
that has been plaguing this nation
My people are dying needlessly
In an endless war
A war considered by some to be obsolete
A war that has gotten much media attention
in days of late
due to the actions of the police
Killing black men, unarmed or packing plastic
pistols with orange tips, filled with BBs or metal
pellets, non-lethal weapons being carried
in states with open carry laws
that only benefit those who are not stigmatized
as being violent
We need to have a conversation
A conversation to address the struggle
between hard earned money and poverty
between easy money and prosperity
We need to unite as a country
as the melting pot we are
We must stop the violence against my brothers, against my sisters, against
anyone we consider different
We need to focus more on our similarities and less on our differences
We need to accept one another as human first
It is time…the time has come for change

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