Her cries go unheard
she wails to the night sky,
alone and cold
Where’s mama?
Too small to bear witness
Too young to talk
left to fend for herself
against the elements
she wails at the moon
no one hears
a barren land, she’s left
Where’s mama?

Baby? Baby where are you?
I can’t hear you! make a sound, please
I can’t find you, though I too am lost
Baby?! Where’s my baby? I am breathless
No one can find me, I can’t find her.
It was to be a short trip, a few days away
a break from life, some relaxation
What happened to me? What happened to her?
Where’s my little girl?! Where are you?
Where am I?
Silent screams
no one hears
her voice carried off into the nothing, on the wind

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