Some Movies Need to be Unseen

I wrote some quarantine poems in April, and baked and hunkered down in May. This is my first attempt at anything resembling a poem this evening before bed. I’m looking forward to June 27.

We couldn’t remember his name
at first.
That one actor always plays
the same madman.
No wonder this film was so hard to find.
Every one, the cops
are all evil.

That’s another thing
that has to change,
we agreed.

I smell nicotine,
though neither
of us smokes
in the apartment.
We open the front door
and the warm night air
welcomes us
more than
we’re safe to venture.

Nothing like
going to the movies
in your bedroom
to remind you
why you’re hiding
in your bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Some Movies Need to be Unseen

  1. Yay! I’m so glad to read your work again. I too have been very sporadic in my poetry writing during COIVD.

    This poem is terrific, and the nicotine moment happened to us recently for no explained reason. That last stanza is terrific.

    1. Thank you! It’s strange, isn’t it? Being in lockdown would seem to be the perfect situation to just sit down and write. I’m anticipating a lot of poems about all of our quarantine experiences.

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