Trompe Le Monde

“I can see why it’s gonna be their last one,”
a nose-ringed young girl at the Estee Lauder counter is chattering.

Mrs. Mary Anne MacLeod Trump shudders inwardly,
her chin a vice-grip of disdain, and allows a pair of hands
to drape her fur over her shoulder.

“My compact broke,” she’d told her husband
and called for the chauffeur, fuming.
Another blonde to welcome into the family!
We’d only just broken the Czech in.

The driver watches his mistress’ hair in the rear-view:
A Leaning Bouffant of Pisa represented in a concoction of Aqua Net and Brass Balls #109.

“Would Madam like to stop anywhere else?
A slight but firm head shake informs him to remain on the Expressway.
He shifted. It would be easier to enjoy the quiet
if she weren’t so silent.

3 thoughts on “Trompe Le Monde

  1. This character study/scenelet manages to put me inside this iron maiden of a monster woman and still keeps me in empathy if not sympathy with her. And the glimpse of the unnamed driver has me mentally paging through the pages of studio system character actors for casting. Yum.
    Alternate title: Wealth hath its Privilege

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