• Love –

    “nights in white satin
    ( never reaching the end….)”

    Faith –

    “and you want to travel blind.
    and you know that she will trust you,
    for you’ve touched her perfect body
    with your […]

  • ‘Tis loaming and an ill-paced sigh
    sobs adumbral patterns in gloom,
    and rising from the crags on high
    a heart-rending sepulchral cry,
    as an echo, whimpers to its doom.

    From the magma-ocean, mantle […]

    • I really love the imagery and the comparison of mountains to poem/poetry. There are so many beautiful lines in this poem …so much imagery that keeps the reader spell bound by the intense descriptions and then the mood is changed, in a light hearted way, by the humour. Beautiful-well done. I enjoyed reading this!

  • All that is stramineous,
    runs in crooked, fine, veins
    beneath the mantle;

    All that is precious above
    the vaults, of her daedal earth,
    is less compared to the lustre
    in her eyes when she smiles.

    All […]

  • I would lead you gently by the hand,
    tip-toe through that mystical land;

    walk through mist and dark intrigue,
    another mile, a half a league;

    til the journey’s end is done….

    and we are never, ever again,

    • There’s a graceful simplicity to these lines – and the language you use (with gentle hints of almost archaic words) creates a sense of a grand journey in the old style. It is a travelling towards something great and good – as in all the best mythic tales.
      To bring it to the conclusion that it reaches is beautiful: the two who have journeyed will never be alone. The feeling is that they have been so before – but not at the end of this journey. This will stay with me for a long time.

  • moss gathers stone wall in it’s arms
    …there is the verdant summer embracing her.

    the softness of her form,
    the firmness of her throne;

    and the beauty the season wears…

  • An aeolian enterprise;

    perse-tinged zephyr,
    the caliginous expanse
    of night’s tresses pester;

    coruscation in her eyes,
    sculpt each venial qafir
    to a penitent impasse;

    as softness of lips w […]

  • broken link
    in a series of precious events….

    crack in a bradycardial heart
    – that is where you left.

  • Hushed canopy of stars,

    watch the moon tread

    the crest of the lake,

    in muted gibbous glory;

    havoc in a dead-beat heart.

    Familiar panic attack.

  • her memories, the shiver of a breeze
    on placid lakes where moonshine leaves
    imprints, ever lambent, always coruscating.

    her thoughts, the auburn in her hair,
    silken, satin, downy-soft and […]

  • Broken hearted, lavender sky, drips
    amethyst tears on her unstirred lake;
    calm eyes, cold breath, unquivered lips,
    a breast that love would soon forsake.

    Blood-drenched waters, viscous spread,
    lachrymose in […]

  • fingers unwind, the very same that
    caressed when intertwined, mine in yours.

    and as we part, the halting caresses relive
    the painful moments of canorous, crooning,
    warbled words.

    wistful […]

  • like a whisper chases its shadow,
    around a domed gallery made of stone
    we leap-frog from liaison to liaison, yet
    in the end, as at the start – are left alone

  • En passant…..

    Your effusion and energy makes me blink,
    Did you really comment on every link?!

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
    Tell me in toto…not just in passing.

  • Just a quick note to test the waters of the Pirean Spring, so to say.

    Hullo and well met!


    • “A little learning s a dang’rous thing.”
      I can already tell you are going to make me think!
      I look forward to reading your poems.
      – Laurie

    • En passant…..

      Your effusion and energy makes me blink,
      Did you really comment on every link?!

      A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,
      Tell me in toto…not just in passing.