• Hi! I’m Joan, I write poetry among other forms and perform stories.

    I love the challenge of the marathon..stretches my thinking, increases my knowledge about poetry.

    Have participated in half marathon b […]

  • Whatever you decide, a break, or whatever is fine with me. Not sure how much help I can be, but I am willing to follow directions to make it work.
    The two of you are wonderful folks. You do so much for yew writing community..before reading this, I sent Jacob an email because I wanted to let you know that one of your leads, I think it was yours,…[Read more]

  • Quite a fun challenge–at least 90 different words,

    Revised  to meet the 100 words at least 90 different words

    An Umbrella day


    Sun splashes her color out

    into the sky

    opening a wide o […]


    Swallowtail Encounter


    As I drove along, I spot her

    Floating, yellow and black spotted

    wings spread apart,

    riding the soft breeze

    until she rests for a moment

    among roadside b […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, Prompt number 10 3 years ago

    Write a poem about color


    We eat with our eyes

    I think as I prepare our simple
    Saturday supper.

    Boneless loin pork chops, browned

    in olive oil with garlic and sliced

    green peppers that slip […]

  • poem about a spider–not rhyming

    So, once you say that, all I can hear in my head is eesny weensy spider–its on a loop.

    But here is my offering on this to me, most awful topic.



    Eight legs […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, Hour Eight 3 years ago

    I am not really pleased with this one at all

    but am posting anyway–the idea is intriguing


    This poem takes its inspiration from Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost.

    Between the […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, for hour 7 3 years ago

    Hour seven “Write a poem from the inside out.”


    Helloooooooo. I’m in here, with my friends.

    We are the words, all the words and the feelings.

    We want to escape onto a page together

    But we can’ […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, time 3 years ago

    four and one half minutes to write, two minute edit

    Time is on my mind

    When will it run out?


    I hear the click of the timer

    I watch the dial move back


    When time is up it will ding

    Will t […]

  • joanie commented on the post, I'm Red 3 years ago

    Grandmothers are so important! Love this

  • joanie wrote a new post, Prompt five 3 years ago

    Grandma’s twig

    Grandma planted a twig

    She pushed it into the rich

    Black soil and directed us

    All to let it grow, to be careful

    Not to mow it over

    To everyone’s surprise it rooted

    And began to […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, prompt four 3 years ago

    Emergency Room Wait


    My friend is ill

    911 brought screaming sirens

    To their door

    I followed with his in my car


    My friend is ill

    His wife wept all way

    His meds, his pills, h […]

  • joanie commented on the post, Prompt three 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • joanie wrote a new post, Prompt three 3 years ago

    First the girl in shadow


    You have become a shadow to the world

    yet I still perceive the light in you

    it comes from our love


    Then a photo of the mountains with the house skeleton in f […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, prompt 2 3 years ago


    Hour two How do we share yearnings when we cannot speak of them?

    Times of No speech

    by Joan Leotta

    When words are not enough

    My hand clenches

    My mouth goes dry

    Words are the essence of my […]

  • joanie commented on the post, Prompt for Hour One 3 years ago

    So, do we post here or on our page?
    I will post this one on both until I hear from someone–don’t know why these details are flustering me this year.
    Old age?
    Prompt one 9 am Write a poem in which the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) play an important part.

    Today’s sky is full of wind and water.
    Forcefully attacking the…[Read more]

  • I thought i was going to have trouble with this one–my freind callled last night and asked ot be taken to hospital to see her ill husband at 8 instead of nine–so this prompt is safe, but I will have issues with […]

  • joanie wrote a new post, Excited!!!!! 3 years ago

    So glad the marathon is almost here!


  • Hi!

    This is my second year as a half marathoner. Looking forward to the challenge


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