Kat Kidder

Time to update this bio! My husband of 25 years in July of 2020, says living with me is like living with one of those static display balls in a science fair! I’m a creative, like you, and a million thoughts a day distract me – so this is a challenge and I’m excited to do it again. I have a son, a daughter, two stepdaughters, and three dogs. I’m a grandmother, great-grandmother, a poet (so some say) and I write children’s books, video script editing for animated stories. I’m still not as techie as I once thought I was, but I do have a blog needing serious attention, and a couple of Facebook pages. I retired from a Christian Non-Profit in 2012 and I’m still trying to figure out what I will be when I grow up. I’ve begun working on ‘my story’ but it’s much harder to write than poetry, mostly because I’m a procrastinator and a chicken. I have a number of projects started that need focus and completion; that gets more difficult with each passing year. I shall not quit, but I may reach the end of days before I reach the end of the books (She says, laughing at herself). Life in Middle TN has morphed into survival over the past eight years and has taught me much about friends, family, and social media. I will leave it at that. Enjoy the marathon, write what your muse inspires, stay true to yourself. Comments are always welcome.