• With apologies to Jonathan Coulton.

    This was a triumph (of experience over optimism)
    I’m making a note here, (because my memory is awful)
    “Huge Success!” (came from being realistic)
    It’s hard to overstate my […]

    • I looked up filk ~ it works beautifully here, evoking fantasy and music in equal measure. A gem of a poem, nicely juggling voices. Btw ~ Code Monkey is still a favourite of mine.

  • Spoilers for Blue Sky, right through to the end.

    Eaden is complicated, and scary
    And she has a life here, and people
    Who like her, and need her, and trust her
    I want to be trusted. And […]

  • Spoilers for the end of Portal 2, and a reference to Blue Sky. Press the button – if you dare.
    My shadow crosses the moon,
    But the moon doesn’t care.
    I lost it all, except my voice
    And they can’t hear me […]

  • References to Portal 2 and Half-Life

    Wheatley is once more alone, or as good as,
    His companion mindless, and deaf
    To his monologue

    GLaDOS is once more in charge, or as good as,
    Her memories back in […]

  • Spoilers for Portal 2 right through to the end. This poem lies beneath the Facility.

    Mr. Johnson was never that sane
    To begin with, it probably came
    From his family line
    That, or hitting the wine, […]

  • Serious spoilers for Portal 2. To proceed, click the stalemate resolution button…

    She had taught her what it was like to be threatened by an enemy, but Wheatley had taught her how it felt to be betrayed by a […]

  • Spoilers for Portal 2.

    Riding high, crowned with success
    Each nerve on fire with joy
    And power

    My bird’s eye view shrinks you
    And Her to ants, to specks
    To nothing

    Sweet freedom nears, yet […]

  • Spoilers for the beginning of Portal 2.

    I had one last view of the sky
    Before She dragged me back down
    Underground, and into storage.

    There was Art in my room to view
    And experience spiritual […]

  • Set between the events of Portal and Portal 2.

    It is a true saying that power tends to corrupt,
    As evidenced by certain persons (naming no names)
    When they realise their power is not absolute.

    For […]

  • I really like what you’ve done with this form. The rhythm feels wonderfully alive, like a curious bird investigating the garden before settling down to eat.

  • NB: Very mild spoilers for Portal 2.

    What is the allure of testing?
    Never resting, striving after
    New disasters for the test
    To best a challenge thrown
    By unknown opponents
    Enter the ring

    Testing, […]

  • NB: From here on, there will be spoilers for Portal. Proceed at your own risk.

    Take one (1) moderate amount of determination
    With a soupçon of fear. Too much nerve makes the s […]

  • A first-person shooter with no goons to kill?
    A maze where you follow the rat?
    A puzzle, a lesson in bending the rules?
    There’s much more to Portal than that.

    A subtle tutorial, learning through play,
    A […]

  • …it’s always such a pleasure.
    Despite the many times I’ve tailed before.
    Oh how I wrote and wrote,
    Until I just stopped writing.
    Gave up the fight, succumbed and simply started to snore.

    I’m too old for […]

    • I feel like though this introduction says little about you, that still I know you better. I’ll keep an eye out for those portal themed poems. DSC

    • “I’m too old for all-nighters,
      That’s what I’ve come to see
      I’ve failed the full too often,
      Now it’s just the half for me.”

      – Such good lines! The full marathon is not for everyone (including us this year).

  • I really like this. Dorothy gets the starting role, but she has as much to learn as anyone.

    Will comment in more detail later – brain’s too wired right now.

  • First things first: I completed the poetry marathon for the first time! Woot!

    If I want to do this again, I need to look at how I managed it – and I think a big part of it was because I gave myself an added […]

  • Kwills wrote a new post, Zoom 1 year, 2 months ago

    Hours have flown by, minutes have crawled
    There’s only one thing to do:
    Take up the pen, get writing again
    The warm-up’s done, so now follow through

    Somehow, between four, and six-thirty,
    I blinked, and the […]

  • I.
    “Remember when…?” Can’t say I do
    I remember instead the stories you tell.
    And I’m sure your stories are quite true
    “Remember when…?” Can’t say I do.
    I’m full of holes, events slip through
    But stories […]

    • This is really interesting work. I love the use of sheep, sleep, and weep. And The mystery of one person holding another’s memories.

  • Green
    Grey, brown
    Colours of life
    Sprawl across the map in patchwork patterns.
    Blocks of brick flats stand almost back-to-back
    But still a patch
    Of wild ground
    Is found
    In […]

    • The visual aspect of this is totally awesome! I think that the composition of the words themselves however make it a little too choppy to read in my mind. Maybe don’t change any of the words, but kind of mess around with the grammar of the text itself? Maybe taking out the capital letters of each line might help too!

  • In the twilight, yellow eyes catch the light
    Spilling from the kitchen window into the garden.

    Half in shadow, white-tipped brush stands alert
    Watching for a hostile human leaving the house.

    Through the […]

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