• My name is Amy. I live in Aguanga, which is in Southern California, on a homestead with my husband, 2 kids, & 5 chickens.  I teach high school English and have been writing poetry since my own sophomore year. I h […]

  • Moonbeams cannot break through the fog,

    so dense it blankets the surrounding firs,

    that damn concrete dock, and it’s uneven plane. 

    Hobbling I try and fail to reach the shelf holding my canteen. Oh we […]

  • Dear Former Self,

    You are extraordinary. 

    Don’t let anyone tell you differently. They lie when they call you fat. 

    Don’t believe your own self doubt. You are smart enough, strong enough, & enough just […]

  • Chirp the ref’s whistle sounds

    Five green girls face off 

    against five grey boys

    Sweat runs down red faces 

    “Ugh,” kick, thwap

    Ball hurtles down the court

    ”Go green!”

    The goalie stretches a […]

    • Such a fun poem for summer days when the best option is to go out to a soccer game. You do not waste any words here; everything is sharp, vivid and concise, just like a game. I can see students relating to this as well. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  • In between the cracked concrete

    and the burnt out lights,

    our feet meet. 

    Whispered secrets, poetry,

    notebooks passed

    between you and me. 

    Nights spent sitting curbside,

    drawn together m […]

    • Is this young love or perhaps the magic shared between best friends? It could work either way – or perhaps it’s something completely different. Again, your delivery is sharp with vivid imagery. I liked how the first images were specific and then led to a final set of images that allow new interpretations to emerge. The “nights” made for a dark background in which I imagined holiday sparklers, flashlights for exploring, or fireflies whirling around the characters (which changed with different readings). I really enjoyed this!

  • I am sweating, clammy, nervous. My heart beats quickly, loudly. I’m sure they can hear it.

    “They are just teenagers.”

    I am going to throw up. My stomach churns, roils.

    “Remain calm.”

    I am getting l […]

    • I love the play of emotions with this poem. In the beginning the speaker is nervous and fidgeting, the build-up of these emotions are done nicely. Then in the end after all that intense emotion we learn the speaker is going to be okay. Such a great poem! 😊

  • “Beep, beep, beep!” my alarm screams. I roll & pat pat pat . . . silence.

    “Zzzzzzz . . .zzzzzzz” my husband snores. I rub the crusty sleep out of my eyes as light breaks through the window blinds. […]

  • I am an English teacher. I have been teaching for 14 years. I am participating in the Poetry Half Marathon because I always encourage my students to share their writing.. To be fearless. It is time I model this […]

    • Greetings from another English teacher!
      Hope beautiful Southern California will create a lovely setting for you today and that your husband, children, and chickens (had to laugh at that) will cheer you on.

      I try to write everything I assign my students, but I fall behind sometimes when I get caught up in grading, but then I look for other creative outlets which I then bring back to the women and men in the desks before me.

      Enjoy this journey. . . .

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