• you walked in my shoes

    they didn’t fit

    you tripped

    you fell

    you walked on

    pulled yourself up

    you crawled for a time

    sat for respite

    blisters scalded

    oozed and healed on heels

    and […]

  • God’s wringing hands

    tell the story

    and the news is not good.


    Headlines in the Heavenly Express

    shock and dismay but he cannot be persuaded.

    God’s will prevails in paradise. […]

  • city rain paints rainbows around haloed lights

    splashes colors that confuse in the addled dark

    Iridescent, luminous, neon screams


    hurtling through streets saturated with primary hues

    streaming […]

  • won’t you come and live with us?
    I’ll protect you she says
    tears in her eyes.

    I pause in painful silence
    that a child so young could perceive
    needs she should never imagine

    I’d rather have my entra […]

  • You ask me if my magic can save you
    And I have to tell you no
    Magic is only for those who believe
    In the power of we

    I cannot conjure something that you will not take to heart
    Wrap your soul around
    And […]

  • I will not shrink from being who I am
    In these the last days
    I am resolute
    I will not hide from the world my fears
    Less still my love
    My regrets for the past
    And a future that will not be

    In my heart I […]

  • He travels through time without me
    loses me as he wanders in decades past
    or generations yet to come

    I can’t follow him there
    see what he smells
    paint the views
    blank canvases remain untouched

    yet t […]

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