• thin paperback gift

    sculptures made from living trees

    bonsai in a book



  • Sitting down in our house can be—


    Kikuyu my mini pet triceratops likes nesting on—


    You see, Kikuyu has superpowers, she is—


    She is also magical and whoever she touch […]

  • Off the shores of Jötunheim,

    There stands a mighty gate.

    Portal to the wisdom well,

    When the tide runs late.


    You may someday ride your dreams

    Upon an ocean’s wave.

    Ride the Astrol S […]

  • I have to get these modules done,

    Required by the district.

    I only have four more to go,

    and then I’ll rest more easily.


    I’m learning how to do cool things,

    Technology is great.

    But push […]

    • Ah, yes. Procrastinators, unite! I like the sense of “if I get this done, I can play in the sun” concept going on in here…
      Nicely done!

  • When sunlight hits, an atom flips.

    Electrons jump about.

    From shell to ever higher shell.

    It really makes a sight.


    These little spots of polka-dots.

    Must borrow from the sun.

    To have their […]

    • Stunning telling of our solar system and the stars that seem to have no meaning but to burn and fall to make a wish on. Well done.

      Please review some of mine if you would be so kind. Thanks in advance.


  • Siphonophore Apolemia

    Creature from the land down under.

    A string of vibrant light.

    Ringing outward like a puddle.

    Shimmer to entice and plunder,

    Food by your device.

    Swaying gently in the […]

  • No Saying Goodbye Twice


    I calculate the time it takes

    To reach into your mind.

    I hear your song of loneliness,

    Read on your face its line.


    Where are the people we once— ne […]

  • willjxn wrote a new post, 17 The Clock 4 months ago

    The circle of time,

    Is winding down

    Smart phones take their place

    No need for being smart.

    .No need for counting fives.


  • on this morning walk

    holding hands shows all the years

    we’ve forgiven time

    • This paints such a beautiful picture! “We’ve forgiven time” is such a wonderful way of putting a lifetime of love into words.

  • By Lift and Drag.


    Lifting off from Salt Lake City,

    Thrown back in my seat.

    Rising over Colorado.

    The Rocky Mountains blink.


    There are no signs that say, 

    Now leaving Kansas c […]

  • We often poison “those who take care of us” 

    fooled into believing

    We know what’s is best.

    We render the ground free of weeds, 

     nature’s way of blessing earth.

    We with our monochromatic golf cours […]

    • Your initial and ending lines compliment each other so well. Very skillful way to bookend a poem.

  • willjxn wrote a new post, 13 Watering 4 months ago



    Watering flowers and trees.

    If from the dust of Africa,

    then maybe in our dreams.

    The human soul needs more than just a place to eat and sleep.

    We need a  place to feed our […]

  • Hearing I ask from all the tribes, greater and lesser, the offspring of Heimdall; Father of the Slain, you wish me well to declare living beings’ancient stories those I remember from furthest back.

    ~First line […]

  • Spring brought the news of a fall marriage.

    A wedding in our backyard.

    I gave them my blessing

    I gave my dreams the wallet;

    At last, my dreams would be realized:

    A tall white gothic pergola […]

    • Ha haa… the constant conversation between wallet and dreams!!! I wish they could go hand in hand always 🙂 🙂

    • Enjoyed reading this and yes know the difference between what we dream of and what we can afford. However, being crafty helps A LOT! Hope the reality will be as beautiful as the dream.

  • Yusuf, your song, is our song.

    Song of a shadowing moon.

    Finding we’re all in the darkness.

    We all know the same loss.

    Eclipsed by the sleepy night.

    Walking in the shade of doubt.

    Made by our own […]

  • Firefly, light in a bottle. 

    See the world zoom in.

    Put a mask on every face.

    Make porridge,  heat the tea.


    I am sinking in too fast

    Poetic  Lethargy.

    In the treeline of the min […]

  • Love Starts With One Happy Face


    Love starts with one happy face

    Then moves on to two the same.

    Making three or more.

    Thinking Time turns backward.

    Our love found this […]

  • The Season of The Invisible Dragon


    Season of invisibility—

    Dragon spirit from the east.

    You have put the world in hell.

    Hiding, waiting where you feast.


    Just when we think that al […]

  • Prompt 6, Hour 6

    Misty morning waking

    Transcending gardened dawn.

    Hill breezes lift to spirit mountain.

    Weaving words into a sail.

    Rafting on a perfect read.

    Down a river, crystal […]

  • Dear Mom,

    It has been—

    Only last January? 


    I am glad you are gone.

    And, I’m sad, too.


    It has been—

    A short, long while?

    A long, short while?

    When we celebra […]

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