it’s been said a lady doesn’t have a memorie; when soul exchanging its the subject.
i must said my memorie its alive; it replays on its on. im her target each and every nigth. we oneself when letting go of any rules; the only witness are this walls and my ink to put this lovely memories in paper. i must said when we color; we never stay inside the line; we all over. her delicate way to brush the paint in the paper it can’t be describe; you could only see it and feel it. her unique way to bring me alive; its her famous eye snake movement; even though its out the line she takes care of each particular space in the coloring paper. i must said im satisfied with her beautiful artist talento…she is one of a kind; i give her no restristion; she has access in every department of my inside instrumental. she dare to love me and im xtremely lost in her garden of lust and desire ;
no longer thirsty of her sweetnes ; i have it all
yo si lo siento…

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