“You can’t kill someone who is death already”This is you; emotionally death and mute inside out! Only your soul carries the pain inside! Wondering how you still standing when there isn’t nothing left of you to give. Your own flesh and blood drain you. Your eyes show me your pain and scream for someone to seek for your soul and save you. It takes a brave one to enter your hellhole; I did it once and I don’t know how I survive my 7yrs next to your whole life of abandons and sinfulness the pull your innocent from under your growing years. Your biggest prison it’s your mind! Wake up and see the beautiful life you created; is not to late to give your love and nature with a drop of your blood. I tell you a secrete she no longer retains your soul. Smile life begins again as long as you see that true and forgive yourself. Surround yourself with true love within your soul and our lovely creation. She is the devil! Your flesh and blood; but I’m worse then Gabriel ! I set you free! Fly our creation waits for your faithful attention. Earth and heaven shield you. Only their soul matter Bc it carries you in their white cells. Open your eyes and set ur mind free! I speak to you from an upper level. I’m a Gitana; I’m not contain and my freedom it’s invariable

Female’s Life

we have many cycles to morphs into a grown woman. New born, toddler, teenager, young lady, little woman and finally grown woman.
We go through different stage in our life.One day, life starts happening in front of you and you start to take your own life changing decision. Depending on your choices, you are hanging upside down from your own mess,or you molt into your life lesson. All your experience radically transforms your mind,eventually emerging as a little woman or grown
Woman. But what does that radical transformation entail? How does a little woman rearrange herself into a grown woman ? What happens inside her soul?
First, the little woman digests their feelings, releasing all the pain to dissolve all of its tissues. If you were to cut open their feelings at the right time, you could see how the little woman has disintegrated all of its tissues, except for their memories,
Those memories are to remember what they learned in later stages of their lives as little woman.
Getting a look at different stages as it happens is difficult; risks botching the transformation. But it maintains a what we learn as children, into our adulthood. Becoming a grown woman it’s one long journey but it fulfill your soul. You go through many stages including been a mother and that’s when your soul has been reborn and giving a second chance in life. Woman always evolve my dear. Learn from each mistakes and smile at every new stage of your life. Woman is the definition strong.
—Meriyen Marquez

What We Share

The feelings we share
are meant to be
You give me the strength I need
I see myself in the reflection of your eyes because you are my angel.
I give my all for you
You are my everything
You are my dream come through
You are my rescuer from the shadows
Each moment together
It’s a bitter sweet taste of heaven.
I don’t want nothing different then
What we have now.
I won’t settle for a regular love.
I want explosive moments the shake us and break us down and we find our way back up, I want to hate you so much the it turns back to love.
I want us to know the all we been through has a meaning. In my eyes you came to my life to open my eyes and show me the way. I no longer afraid of you walking away. I’m happy to say I would be here into the end of our day. It’s been say is not safe to say I breath the same oxygen as you, but you are the perfect equivalent fraction. I don’t want a broken soul
I’m in the best part of the relationship
Because catastrophe hit the fence and almost broke us part and tears roll down our faces.
the end felt so near, but we stand strong now. We know to keep holding hands and giving each other the breather and space in between of it all. I like that in the end, I’m not a broken soul. Thank you my love…
—Meriyen Marquez

My View

The key it’s to remember to give each other the space for breathing and have trust on your significant other. After all if you choose each other after all the other choices it’s because you are really into one an other. The rules is simple trust your self in other to trust your significant other; respect their privacy, in order for them to respect yours. Never push someone to confined on you, when they ready to speak they will. Even if you don’t like their friends, respect their previous relationship because after all their friends were their before you and they will remain their after you if it’s that case. Don’t assume and always ask question and made sure it is a question and not you assuming. Always find the time to give your significant other the feeling they matter. If you spending time together let it be together and not Social media in between…
There’s a time and place for everything. If your significant other it’s going through hard time made sure your are been emotional supporter and a true friend. If you can’t provide this, they will go on to their friends and love you in the dark and the relationship start to weakness and them you wonder what happen where all it go.
Most important remember to love your self in order to keep loving other. Is ok to be there for other, but also take care of your well being.



Be grateful of those who look in your eyes and tell you how they feel. Embrace the moment and learn from each giving situation. Don’t force things and give thanks for each blessing. Treasure the good memories and let go of the painful memories. Enjoy the simple things and love unconditionally.
—Marquez Meriyen VII


NYC has very talented individuals with great potential for greatness. And I will say you find it at the MTA.
I had tears rolling down my face when I attentively listen to one of the youngest poet I seen so far. He it’s between the age 12 and 14. I don’t know what it’s more painful seen him work the trains for his next meal and not enjoying his childhood how he is suppose to. Not been able to give him at least a dollar since I’m only have a monthly metro card, seen how very little other individual care or the actual lines of his poetry. If I had to describe his poetry;
I will say it was written down in blood and say out loud with pain. All I had to offer was a beautiful prayer for him to get the opportunity In this life to be successful with the blessing of his talent as a great poet. I do not know his name, but I would always remember his face and the title of his poetry “I say” which describe his upbringing and pain and how he strive for the best. I will name you street younger survivor.
God bless you my dear poet, you deserve the best.
—Marquez Meriyen


I allow you to love me
I allow you to help me reconstruct my walls, but with you in it.
I allow you to hold me and give me your attention.
Just when I thought it was to late to be love and appreciated again.
You help me heal and get my wounds close and seal again.
I allow you to show me the way to
A adventure. I gave you full access to my soul, you have the power to destroy me and turn me cold
From the inside out.
I allow your strength to feed my soul
I allow your touch to transform in my addition.
I allow you to live within me
I allow you to put my wings
And concur my dreams
I allow my signature on you
Because you believe and you carry me. You give me inspiration and my world turns bright when I’m around you. I’m not easy, but you allow your soul to deal with me.
I allow you in my world
Because you love me…
—Marquez Meriyen

My thinking

I like to think the love it’s not just a four letter word. Love captives the soul of your significant other and touches your soul in the moment of the first kiss.
—Meriyen Marquez


I’m complicated
I’m uncontrollable
I’m a nightmare
I’m out of balance
I’m not quite
I speak my mind
I made mistakes
I’m not adjustable
I’m not a child
I have ambition
I’m materialistic towards my own earnings
I’m not in control of my crazy side
I’m no angel
I speak my emotions out loud
I attend to make assumptions
I don’t fake
I hate to compromise
I hate to lose, but I’m not a sore loser
I fall and rise back up
I’m not perfect
I like to think I don’t stereotype, but I had probably done it
I don’t believe in single stories
I’m aggressive when I had to be
I dislike bully.
I’m not an animal lover, but I won’t abuse them.
I believe the if you don’t like something or a situation , only you can make changes.
I trust, but I also verify.
I welcome changes, bc I’m not afraid of challenges.
I want it all, but I’m aware the I don’t get everything, only what I work hard for.
I learned not to expect other to see what I see.
I’m not a follower and don’t pretend to be a leader.
I’m in the pursuit of happiness and grateful for each day.
I’m sometimes everything
You don’t want and it’s ok.
I’m not a cage
The doors don’t have locks
Honesty it’s just the key in any mess.
I love a good chessboard game.
My obsession its to checkmate the king.
I’m smart
I’m not ordinary
I am me…
—Marquez Meriyen


-Knowing when to let go it’s tricky
But the signs are always there. It’s important to recognize when they need the space to grow and also allow them to know the when they staring their journey we are always there. Let them know that it’s ok to fall, the whats matters it’s getting back up. Your child journey would always find their way Home.
—Marquez Meriyen. VII

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