I allow you to love me
I allow you to help me reconstruct my walls, but with you in it.
I allow you to hold me and give me your attention.
Just when I thought it was to late to be love and appreciated again.
You help me heal and get my wounds close and seal again.
I allow you to show me the way to
A adventure. I gave you full access to my soul, you have the power to destroy me and turn me cold
From the inside out.
I allow your strength to feed my soul
I allow your touch to transform in my addition.
I allow you to live within me
I allow you to put my wings
And concur my dreams
I allow my signature on you
Because you believe and you carry me. You give me inspiration and my world turns bright when I’m around you. I’m not easy, but you allow your soul to deal with me.
I allow you in my world
Because you love me…
—Marquez Meriyen

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