I Dare You To Love Me

Sometimes you need to stop and see if it’s worth it
crying over something that just won’t work,
why give it all your time and devotion,
if in the end you are still invisible…
It’s better to regroup and find yourself
This road it’s pure torture when not in the same page,
even friendship can be hurtful,especially if taking for granted.
Misunderstood wishing you could really be in my place see how I truly feel.
See how I truly see you
See that this love isn’t just temporarily
Still may God bless you, I wish you nothing but that best.
My brain it’s sending that message,
it’s time too cold those feelings,
it’s time to really see
It’s time to be selfish for once
It’s time to be on balance
It’s that really possible for a Libra?
Don’t know time to figure it out
One thing to keep in mind
I really gave it my all, as a friend and as a lover
No regrets so take it all
There is nothing left
I do keep my promises
So I will remain here
You could lean on me when in need of a friend
I will follow my dreams
I won’t look back
I dare myself to stop suffering and give me a chanceTo really beme
Explore my world and find something new
I dare you to love me
I dare you to be oneself
I dare you my dear to stop being that victim of your own choice
I dare to give yourself the push that you need to go for your dreams and accomplish your goals.
Forget the entire castle made out of sandThey easily destroy.
Be on that path to your happiness
I dare you to love me
I dare you to be free
Have me on your mind
And give me your best
You and only you be on my mind
It’s time to take care of yourself
And give it your all
I dare you to love me
You are the key to your own success,
we been here before
You could have it all
Just free yourself and forget that past
I dare you to love me
I’m here
Your reflection in that mirror
I dare you to love me…

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