Female’s Life

we have many cycles to morphs into a grown woman. New born, toddler, teenager, young lady, little woman and finally grown woman.
We go through different stage in our life.One day, life starts happening in front of you and you start to take your own life changing decision. Depending on your choices, you are hanging upside down from your own mess,or you molt into your life lesson. All your experience radically transforms your mind,eventually emerging as a little woman or grown
Woman. But what does that radical transformation entail? How does a little woman rearrange herself into a grown woman ? What happens inside her soul?
First, the little woman digests their feelings, releasing all the pain to dissolve all of its tissues. If you were to cut open their feelings at the right time, you could see how the little woman has disintegrated all of its tissues, except for their memories,
Those memories are to remember what they learned in later stages of their lives as little woman.
Getting a look at different stages as it happens is difficult; risks botching the transformation. But it maintains a what we learn as children, into our adulthood. Becoming a grown woman it’s one long journey but it fulfill your soul. You go through many stages including been a mother and that’s when your soul has been reborn and giving a second chance in life. Woman always evolve my dear. Learn from each mistakes and smile at every new stage of your life. Woman is the definition strong.
—Meriyen Marquez

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