NYC has very talented individuals with great potential for greatness. And I will say you find it at the MTA.
I had tears rolling down my face when I attentively listen to one of the youngest poet I seen so far. He it’s between the age 12 and 14. I don’t know what it’s more painful seen him work the trains for his next meal and not enjoying his childhood how he is suppose to. Not been able to give him at least a dollar since I’m only have a monthly metro card, seen how very little other individual care or the actual lines of his poetry. If I had to describe his poetry;
I will say it was written down in blood and say out loud with pain. All I had to offer was a beautiful prayer for him to get the opportunity In this life to be successful with the blessing of his talent as a great poet. I do not know his name, but I would always remember his face and the title of his poetry “I say” which describe his upbringing and pain and how he strive for the best. I will name you street younger survivor.
God bless you my dear poet, you deserve the best.
—Marquez Meriyen

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