What We Share

The feelings we share
are meant to be
You give me the strength I need
I see myself in the reflection of your eyes because you are my angel.
I give my all for you
You are my everything
You are my dream come through
You are my rescuer from the shadows
Each moment together
It’s a bitter sweet taste of heaven.
I don’t want nothing different then
What we have now.
I won’t settle for a regular love.
I want explosive moments the shake us and break us down and we find our way back up, I want to hate you so much the it turns back to love.
I want us to know the all we been through has a meaning. In my eyes you came to my life to open my eyes and show me the way. I no longer afraid of you walking away. I’m happy to say I would be here into the end of our day. It’s been say is not safe to say I breath the same oxygen as you, but you are the perfect equivalent fraction. I don’t want a broken soul
I’m in the best part of the relationship
Because catastrophe hit the fence and almost broke us part and tears roll down our faces.
the end felt so near, but we stand strong now. We know to keep holding hands and giving each other the breather and space in between of it all. I like that in the end, I’m not a broken soul. Thank you my love…
—Meriyen Marquez

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