The Man In My Dream

He comes along with a big smile

In form that no one will whine.

A look that is deceiving and worn,

As if he has a heart full of thorn.


He opens his heart in thousand words

But one can understood.

It takes a lot of courage to do it.

And i was amazed by his manhood.


By and by I was drawn to him …

Like a water carried by the flow.

He awakens my heart that was long closed.

And put back the smile I once lost.


I wish I can have more time …

So I can be with him  for awhile.

But morning comes so soon,

I am losing him in a few seconds.


I love the night to come early

Wherein I can have time to be sleepy.

And wish that again, I will have him

In my sweet dream he become a reality.

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