The Cliffs of A’tuin – Prompt 22, Hour 22

Where could I live
the thought crossed my mind
as sands slipped
and stars shined.
Late at night,
though early for some,
I imagined a home
and how that home would come.
The sun would set
just out of sight,
not too intense
while water crashed
refracting the light
and waves fell on
black sand.
I could live there,
I mused, as family
moved around.
I could leave this mess behind
and live in a cave by the sea.
Oh, how peaceful that would be.
Alas, no, it’s not a future,
not for me,
for they’d come to find me
with debts and plans
and hare-brained schemes
to ruin my tranquility.
They’d come to find me
and it would no longer be home.

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