T he

L ast

P air cas

C          aded in a blue

G                      littered velvet vamp that

M                                 ade my chunky shins look like Cat Woman’s.




the                 barefoot

while                           I hobbled

and                             cast them in the closet with the others

That                            I will not wear again, the leather

Kitten                                     heels and cork pumps, the stiletto boots that kill my back.



M         iss

T          hem and

I           still feel

Them              In the bone

M                                 arrow of my hurting soles.

One thought on “THE LAST PAIR

  1. So thrilled to read poetr-art, pict-a try. I know there’s a name that escapes me now. But the disjunction of the words from their letters mirrored the content of habits, apparel, thoughts that damage, debilitate, and often destroy–or at least dis-join us. I enjoyed the play/pain juxtaposition.

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