Hour 17 – Safer With Books

He read the whole plan in a book

He intended to ease himself into the water at midnight

No one would know or blame themselves

They would spend time looking

but the plan was perfection

marked with science,

enzymes and bacteria

He loved readying the arrangements

His body would never be found

It worked perfectly for the antagonist,

and he’d been planning it for weeks,

There were no missing links from the

author’s description

of this painless goodbye.

He had always assumed he was safer with his books,

But that night, they were waiting for him on the bridge,

And he finally realized it wasn’t true that books

are safer than people.

He let them carry him home.

“Books were safer than other people anyway.”  – Neil Gaiman

One thought on “Hour 17 – Safer With Books

  1. Wonderful storytelling! Everything about this just jumps off the page and it is one of those times where it stands very well without even having the Gaiman quote there. Excellent job, very compelling.

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