12. Erasing Martin Rodriguez Torrez(Temporary Gates)

We collide
Long before
We lose ourselves
To everything outside
And lost in good feelings
Something more
Realizing things
Are not ever the same
We took for granted
That completeness around our innocence
Corrupt in the end

5 thoughts on “12. Erasing Martin Rodriguez Torrez(Temporary Gates)

  1. Martin,
    Very few acknowledge or even discern the completeness of our initial innocence and the beginning of corruption when we are eventually introduced to “Candy (rots your teeth!) World.” You say it with eyes wide open, too late for Adam and Eve, who did walk around all nebulous and naked. Instantly, they saw their ugly and tried to hide their parts.
    Seventh Solstise

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I wrote the original some years ago in response to one of my cousins having a relationship issue.
    I like to believe it helped her find her footing. It sure helped me. My writing has always been a source of therapy. I like to think what I write not only sheds a little light on who I am, but also helps do the same for others.

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