#16 Persona Poem

The road home is dusty,

and along the way,

lives a horrible woman

I must pass everyday.

My dog is my best friend,

who brightens my day,

my witch of a neighbor tried to take him away.

He returned swiftly,

yet I know she’ll be back,

so hastily I tossed some things in a pack.

While life’s storms can knock us down,

might be right around the bend,

brighter days may be beyond it,

perhaps a stranger becomes a friend.

Not all roads are dusty,

and we can learn along the way,

that the color lives inside us,

it’s just our filter that is gray.

Though our lives have many chapters,

it’s finding strength when we feel weak,

that can help us better understand

that our past was really not that bleak.

We learn from knowing others

that everyone has things they lack.

One can’t just run away from problems,

Aunt Em, I’m coming back!



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