I am your mind

No you don’t need that!


But I…


Trust me!


But what if…?


I have known you before you even had desires!


This is…


Now shhh..for a while and listen to me,

I am your thy, your thou, I am your thee!


I have heard your yearning,

I have seen your bearing,

All I am saying is to ignore for a while,

Take a walk, take a bath may be run for a mile,

When you’ll see your lungs escape,

A gasp of air will become your fate,

What is the point of sharing them,

As no one seems to be caring for them,

Your yearnings,

your earnings,

your learnings belongs to you,

Your heart your soul belongs to you,

All I’m saying is to shut your eyes,

And go beyond the illusionary lies,



Ohhhh please don’t hesitate,


Together we will solve the tragedy,

I am not your OCD,

I am your ally and enemy,

Go down in memories

and please be a bit kind,

Always hearing your queries

I am your mind.


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