I let you slip

I let you slip


I tried,

with everything I am made of,

and not made of,

to keep you buried in me deeper than every secret I’ve ever kept in darkness

by fire and blood and wine.

I tried.


But I let you slip.

I let you slip to the pages of my note book where I pen you on the daily –

the reams and reams of poems in your delicious memory…

by candle light on your perfect body –

some written there, too.


I let you slip to leaf and flower and fruit

on the paths I walked to try any shake you free from the places in me I could not hold you

for arms too weak to carry all my heart has for you.


I let you slip from my lips,

whisper your name into my hands

into those moments of heat and longing when I should be most silent,

or moaning,

so my blood could cool for a second or two –

free from the lightning storm you have released in me.


I let you slip


I let you slip through me in the way my eyes reflect how I love you,

even from such a distance as this

how I love you

I let you slip through me

hoping no one else will catch you


through me.


© R. L. Elke

Aug 5/17 Prompt 2

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