Thank You for Having Me!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ofuma Agali. I am happy to join you all this year for The Poetry Marathon 2020 and I look forward to it as it will begin on the 27th June, which is my birthday.

About Me

I writes poetry and fiction as my current genres of interest. My works have appeared in The Post Express Literary Supplement, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, and Praxis Journal of Gender & Cultural Critiques. Two of my poems have also been published in the anthologies. I have written a collection of poems titled If We Are Willing The Earth Will Listen and I completed a collection of short stories early this year. I experienced a creative writing lacuna that spanned over a decade as a result of professional and life pursuits. It was a miracle to have my creative writing back!

I live and work in Lagos, Nigeria. In the course of my professional life, I have worked as a journalist, public relations consultant, training manager, and content marketing consultant.

Why I applied for The Poetry Marathon 2020

I got to know about The Poetry Marathon only this month and I found it quite innovative. Kudos to the founders and team! I have not written or completed a poem since I resumed creative writing about three years ago, apart from one which I am not quite proud of. Fiction attracts me more now. So I thought the Poetry Marathon might help me rekindle that spark.

I am looking forward to this!

Yes, I am.

See you all on Saturday.



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