8/05/17 6:58am

My father is a leo; I was born from his flame.
In the middle of the desert; in the scorching heat I came.
We burn ourselves alive from the inside out;
Call it what you will, addiction sates the drought.

It’s said the Virgin comes from earth; she’s a giving tree,
But my legs are not like roots; they buckle under me.
I have sunflowers in my eyes; skin that’s summer kissed.
Dirt trails and grand canyons form road maps across my wrists.

Breath inside my chest; it’s been caught there since I was young.
Gasping for open space; some smoke inside the lung.
I would fly if I could fill it; float somewhere far away from here.
I would quit if I could kill it; say I’ll try sometime this year.

I live inside the oceans; I’m the waves as they form.
The calmness of low tide; the chaos of the storm.
Capsized in my pride; I’ll be washed of my ache.
The swells know my soul; they build and they break.

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