Me, Myself, and I

Me, myself, and I.
Outwardly internalize
The lessons have been optimized

Demonized versions,
halt heavenly mertions
Of spirit, body, and mind.

Yet I find,
Me, myself, and I,
Outwardly internalized.
The speration has been taught
In school lessons, literature, and script
Ego, thought, and spirit.

Me, me, me, protect that which is holy
Myself, myself, myself, the conscious division
I, I, I, the eye in the sky

What happens to me,
Is that of myself,
Not what happens to I.

What I want
I tell myself
So the light can see me.
I want what’s best.
That which settles is a comfortable hell,
Believed by me, one side of myself.
The other side is I.
Split on an axis.
Deceived by the eyes.

Yet protection comes with rage.
Of living out your days giving up,
A walk on part in the war,

For a lead role in a cage.
That I always walk by and shake.
To let you know I’m awake.
Defend that which saves you.
At the moment you need to.
It will help keep you safe.
That which I think.
Is thought up myself.
It happens to me.
No body else.
Has my time,
Or my eyes.

Inwardly externalize.
Me, myself, and I.
Since the dawn of mind.
Me, myself, and I.
Eye con.


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