“Our Atlantis” (Hour 1)

Bubbles rise to the surface,

as my lungs deplete of oxygen,

not knowing exactly where to begin,

I start my task,

with one swig of my flask,

as it starts like a flash,

not caring about the lash that may be,

but simply waiting to see,

just what may be.

Flailing my arms,

trying to swim in a world,

a world unlike another,

a world I have seen destroy many other,

drowning them in this sea I despise,

this sea flowing only of lies,

our world needs to relies where we float.

These crashing currents,

are sinking this boat.

In a hopeless attempt,

I grasp for air,

ignoring my despair.

At the top we thought we stood,

but we were all so misunderstood,

preparing our Atlantis for evacuation,

this world is no vacation,

but a coffin we have built,

with our own filth in a putrid instance,

this place we loved so dearly,

a world you no longer can see clearly,

but unknowingly,

I continue to stay afloat,

watching this world

burn in front of me,

while I see it continue to drown.

But this is our Atlantis,

that we continue to sink,

not caring to think what will happen,

when will the chaos begin.

Now it’s time

to top up my flask of gin,

but remember children,

you will never know,

when this show will begin.

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