Hour 21 – To I

Prompt for Hour Twenty One

Dear Myself

After sincere reflections, I’m afraid I don’t see I to I
I refute myself, at the risk of being cruel

I mean, I don’t see I
Neither I’s my, nor me’s mine

My’s only I, mine’s only me

Mine temporarily

Hour 20 – Looking Through The Glass

Prompt for Hour Twenty

On the train of needs
Alice woke up in an elf suit
They were passing through the forest of no trees
About to reach the Zone

An unnaturally bright moon cast strange shadows
Wraiths from recent dreams

Alice looked around
Her co-passenger, a pretty red fox
A box of daddy issues
A watch, the face reversed

A tar-covered polar bear violently ambled past
Reading a newspaper, muttering to himself

Alice looked outside her window
In the Zone, we’ll all be alone, she thought
No camps on the way, no stops between
No roads leading nowhere

A bright moon casts strange shadows
Wraiths from dreams past

Hour 18 – Sores

Prompt for Hour Eighteen

A confusing dog roams among us
making us laugh into others’ eyes
or hate others laughing;

Oh sweet cur,
go lap someplace else,
go slobber into another’s soup,
we need you not here.

Your need to bark should stay silent.
Your comfort with scatological exhibitionism
is a secret blessing, best kept away.

The dog still runs among many,
betraying silent nothings.
Little puppy, stay thee silent, away.

Your hypnotic scratching makes me want to sleep.
Spiral yourself to sleep too, strange canine,
or have someone put thee down.
Somewhere else.

hour eight

as we stand listening to another band

your arm draped across my shoulders

you gently touch my hair

and caress my neck

I lean into your chest, your chin

rests on my head, as the

music joins us, my heart

flutters with joy