the dark box, it holds me in
dirt on wooden lid
panic sets in– match burns out

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

Cars in Summer – Hour 16

The car is waiting outside
Mom calls, “Hurry up, you guys!”
Sister runs down the stairs
While I try and find my games

The sun shines bright outside
And the car heats up inside
As we drive on the highway
Past fields and fields

There is much traffic outside
The car stops in a silent sea
While we sweat inside
And can’t concentrate
On the game of life

The cars still stand outside
But we get off the highway
Almost at our goal
Our final destination

Before Rome is around us outside
We still have to drive through fields
Fields of yellow, almost burnt grass
It sure is hot outside

Rome is finally here outside
But it’s deadly hot in Rome
We are soaked wet inside
This will be the hottest holidays
In all our lives

The Werewolf

the smiling silver
disc hangs
loftily above;
spots of starlight
peeking through;

this night walking
through the trees,
the darkened path;

soft at first,
echoes down the
darkened way;

the beast’s hot breath
upon my neck
I run.

keeping pace it howls
claws reach out,
teeth drip
in the glinting moonlight;

I turn to face,
brown fur, red eyes
I faint.

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

The Silence

starry dark skies
shadows of night
does beckon
under the waterfalls
it waits–

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

The Dandelion

little cracks in
the sidewalk
at the end of the block
where the feet
trample by
a peek of color
rising up
basking in the
evening glow

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

I Am

I am the the quiet in
your head

I am the empty spaces
where silence lies

I am the repetition,
the cracks in your interior

I am the afternoon sunset,
filling you with dread

I am the tremble in
your hand,
the unsteady sigh

I am the enigma
that lies inside

I am the broken speech,
fighting to cry out

I am the vacant eyes,
longing for things unremembered

© Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

World – Hour 15

(Before the world, there was a world)


It was dark, but also light
It was black, but also white
There was nothing
But at the same time everything

The universe had big plans
A new world was about to start
Which would last longer
Than the world before

There was a star
That glowed stronger than the others
It grew bigger and bigger
Until – boom! – it exploded

The sparks disappeared
And a new sun was born
With her some planets
Of which one we call Earth

Don’t stop belivin’

Don’t stop belivin’

In what you have dreamt

For the world is ment

To keep you depressing.


Don’t stop belivin’

For after every sunset

There is a new hope of sunrise

So keep hoping till you become achieving.


Don’t stop belivin’

For it is the lifeline

That keeps you going

Till there is breath in your living.

The baby pigeon

One fine morning as I stood in balcony

To breathe in the air freshy

My eyes caught sight of

A pigeon grey-black on the corner pot.


As our sights held each other together

She hastly ran and took on flight.

This was what everyday happened

Between me and her for a day or two more.


Finally one morning, as usual

I stood in the balcony

And she flew off slowly

Leaving behind her pair of  li’l egg twinkle.


This wrote a new chapter in my life

Of expectant pigeon’s life.

In a fortnight, I was blessed

With two little angels yellow-brown.


Instilling new hopes in my soul

As I saw her nurture her kids

Putting little in their mouth, food

And warming her under her feather.


On one night windy

Rain was lashing badly

Pouring all drops in her pot

So I shaded her house with asbestos sheet.


Slowly they shed their yellow-brown hair

To put on grey-black feather

And then they spread their wings

Practicing to fly within the premises.


Most of the time I saw them dozing

And thought they might have fallen sick

When one fine day they took their maiden trip

Enjoying the freedom to flip.


Off and on now they visited my hearth

Only to have the grains I spread

But by a months time they gained strength

And flew off in the world so wide.