Hello to everyone

My name is Debra The Writer and I am very excited to participate in this marathon. I am a wife, mother and a grandmother who is ready to take on the challenge of writing 12 poems over a 12 hour period. I am looking forward to getting to know others in the group as I learn how to spread my creative wings and fly a litttle bit higher with each of you.

Hello Fellow Marathoners!

I’m glad to be part of this group. I write poetry and fiction but not as much as I’d like. Hopefully the marathon will give me a push forward. I’ve written Rose Has a New Walker, a book of poetry. I’ve been writing short stories, but I want to concentrate on poetry right now. I’m in the Boston area, but I was born in Chicago and lived there through college. Still miss it.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Newbie here

Just saying hello to my fellow mad people. Total newbie here.Β  Though I did sign up for the full one. I realized my mistake moments later. Having a long-term illness and I have tablets that I have to take, meaning of course I will not be able to be awake for 24 hours. I really hoped to be spontaneous about it. I really hope I manage to finish.
So many inspired to do wonderful things like travelling the world or bungee jumping. Mine is to finish the poetry marathon and be crowned a total nutter in the realms of poets.

I’m so looking forward to participating in this year’s half marathon!

This will be my third half marathon and I’m betting it’s going to be the best one yet.
We’ve all been through so much in the last year, some of it positive, but most negative and for those of us returning for another 12-24 hours of head scratching, brain frying, poetry fun, we made it!
Good luck to all.
Take care and stay safe.
Hugs all around (via the internet air waves, of course).
Ready for it?


Half Marathon Update


As many of you know we have two official half marathon starting times. One starts at at 9 AM ET on June 26th and go till 9 PM on the 26th and the other starts at 9 PM ET on the 26th and continue to 9 AM on the 27th.

For the first time ever we are also going to allow half marathoners to pick any 12 hour period during the larger 24 hour period that starts at 9 AM ET on Saturday June 26th and goes till 9 AM ET on Sunday the 27th of June. There will be no official start or ending post for these marathoners for logistical reasons (I wouldn’t know where to put them!) but they should always be writing with other marathoners and feel like they are part of the larger spirit of things.

Time zones have long been a concern of ours. The marathon itself is set at times that works for most North Americans, and as the marathon has become more and more international we’ve tried various ways to help international marathoners (by having the two starting periods). We are hoping that this will make a difference.

We’d love to have more options for full marathoners someday but one of our current limitations is simply that 24 prompts (48 this year if you count the image options) is a lot already and it would be hard to keep the spirit alive for a much larger period of time (or monitored with support help). However we are very open to suggestions that would make that possible, this year or in the future.

To sign up go here.

If you are interested in participating please sign up by June 19th! We will get back to applicants on a rolling basis. Most people who apply will be accepted. If you have not heard from us a week after applying please send us an email at poets@poetrymarathon.com. Please do not try and contact us through the FB page

Hello fellow poets..

Hi everyone, I’m John from Belfast, N Ireland. So looking forward to the challenge. Just the half marathon for me, think that will be challenging enough for my first time.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Looking forward to taking part in the 2021 Poetry Marathon. All the best to everyone. πŸ˜‡

Jana O’Dell- introduction

My name is Jana O’Dell. I am 33 and live in West Virginia, USA with my wife, 3 kids and 9 fur babies. I have 3 published poetry books and have participated in the poetry marathon the last 2 years. This is my 3rd year participating. As past years, I will only be doing the half marathon. If you have Instagram, you can follow me @janaodell.author