Introducing Balqees

Hi. I’m Balqees Mohammed.

This is my first poetry marathon – and I’m glad to be a part of it. I plan (hope) to live up to the commitment for the 24hr marathon.

I am not a published poet – but have always loved poetry as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings – so here goes!

I’m a mother of 3 and happy grandmother of 12 – with 2 more on the way soon! Have lots of life experience to draw upon – so hopefully this experience will prove to be beneficial for me.

I enjoy reading, walking for exercise, family time and visiting cafe’s. I am an avid graphics designer with some website design and maintenance under my belt as well. As I am a practicing muslim, some of my poems may have reference to Islamic teachings and theology. Looking forward to connecting with more marathoners!

New Member

While I have written poetry for many years, this is my first time joining Poetry Marathon. Looking forward to it.

Sundar’s Bio

Sundar Walker Bio



Mobile: 07874760601

Place of Birth: Jalandhar, East Punjab, India

Academic Qualifications:  My early education took place at home.

British Education:  I have studied at Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Lancaster

Universities and have gained a BA, M.ed, Diploma in Community Development, Diploma

In Art Therapy, Diploma in Dynamic Psychotherapy and a Masters – Creative Writing, Lancaster University


Honours:    A Churchill Fellowship, Leverhulme Fellowship, SSRC Fellowship, Tavistock

Fellowship and Constable Trophy Judge


Career: I worked in and around Manchester for the Social Services, Education Department and the NHS andDevelopment Officer, District Co-oordinator for

Community Education, Assistant Principal City College, Head of Chorlton Park Adult Education Centre and Senior Psychotherapist at Gaskell House Manchester.



Sare Mare Novel Published By Pandora 1989.

Flame, Talkers Through Dream Doors Poetry Press

Relative to Me – Short Stories by Women Writers, Commonword Press 

The Redbeck Anthology, Ed. by Debjani Chatterjee, Redbeck Press.

The Edge New Cumbrian Writers. Ed. Dickon Abbott, Published byKeeper of my Love – Shantanu Poetry – published by Kalasangam 2013.

New poetry published in the Pangolin online Poetry Journal.

Numerous articles, short stories and academic papers in various journals including The Guardian, Spare Rib, The Metropolitan, Psychotherapy and Art Therapy journals.

Decibel, A North West Profile.

I am also a fine artist and have had 14 solo exhibitions, two tours and residencies in India and Pakistan all with awards from the Arts Council.




Brimming with Excitment



How is everyone this fine day?

That is, it’s day for me here in Queensland Australia… 12:30 on a cool winter’s day.
The sun is shining however it lacks real warmth unfortunately.

I am excited to be participating in the Poetry Marathon, mostly because poetry and writing have been the two longest passions of my sixty years. Seldom does a day pass when I don’t write something.

I believe my love of writing blossomed due to an isolated childhood living in the Australian wilderness, mostly in a mobile home. I lived in town with populations of as little as 20 people, although often my family lived in complete isolation, at abandoned towns or by a river or stretch of coast.

My younger brother and I did home school and rarely connected with children of any age.
And that is where my great love of writing and Nature comes from.

In recent years I taught myself digital art/manipulation which I like to create to illustrate my writing.
I’ve never been published or made any money from writing or art… but one never knows what the future holds.

Have fun everyone and happy writing!


PS – One last thought, I am a little confused about the Time Difference between  Queensland Australia and when the starting time is… can someone help me with this?



…down meandering paths
my feet wandered
passed mosses and shadowy glens…
rainforest surprises round the curve of every bend
chiming birdsong echoed
in moist verdant vales
and far above the tangled trees
pearlescent clouds sailed….
laughing waterfalls tumbled
down mountains I adore
and as if intoxicated by the very air
I felt my spirit soar…



Hello, Thank you and Introduction

Hi Everyone! My name is Ingrid. This might be my fourth or fifth half marathon…I can’t remember for sure. All I can remember is that I love this opportunity to come together and write for either 12 hours or 24. I have never done the full poetry marathon myself and, I admire those who take on this task! I have not decided on a full plan for the half and I will leave stocking up on the snacks until closer to the date. I am excited to be participating this year as I have had a few eye surgeries and just feel likeI haven’t been able to put too much on paper (or screen) this year! I will be on the screen and also taking my time to give my eyes breaks away from the screen. I have read Caitlin’s plan and always look forward to learning more styles of poetry…I may just borrow a few form examples from her. For those new this year…welcome! Pace yourself, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity! xo i.e.


My name is Michellia Wilson and I live in northwest Tennessee.  I am 55 years old, disabled and live alone. I’ve been writing poetry since age 11.

Before I became disabled,  I worked many years as a computer technician.  I enjoyed this occupation very much. I haven’t kept up with the technology, so I consider myself retired.

I’m registered for the half marathon.  I have participated in the past in the 24 (full) marathon. I’m looking forward to this year’s challenge.

Poetry Marathon Update

Sign up is still open for the 2021 Poetry Marathon! You can sign up here. Sign up will only be open til 9 PM on the 19th of June

We’ve had a lot of people sign up for the poetry marathon this year. Over 300 people and counting.

Right now about 60% have signed up for the half marathon – 12 poems in 12 hours, and 40% have signed up for the full marathon – 24 poems in 24 hours.

The marathon itself will start at 9 AM ET on the 26th of June and go till 9 AM on 27th.

This is an international event with participants from all around the globe. Generally 500 people attempt the marathon. You do not have to be a poet to participate. To find out how to convert your timezone go here.

To learn more go here. To sign up go here.

We will get back to applicants on a rolling basis. Most people who apply will be accepted. If you have not heard from us a week after applying please send us an email at Please do not try and contact us through the FB page.

Poetry Marathon Plans 2021

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I am the co-founder of The Poetry Marathon.

For health/small children reasons I’m on the fence this year, but I am excited for the marathon itself, even if I’m not sure if I’ll complete a whole or a half.

This is my plan for the half marathon. If I end up doing the whole I will do the second half free-verse/without a schedule.

My plan for the half is to do a formal poem every hour.

I plan to start off with a Sestina-Bob (which is a sestina where every line and the refrains end in the same word, maybe Bob, maybe Tree, whatever you want really).

Hour two is going to be a golden shovel.

Hour three is Pantoum focused.

Hour four will feature a zuihitsu.

Hour five will be all about the gigan.

Hour six will be a ghazal.

Hour seven will be a sevenling

Hour eight is all about the haibun.

Hour nine will be the bop

Hour ten will be a poem an epistolary poem.

Hour eleven is hopefully going to be my first ode.

Hour twelve will be an Aubade.

Feel encouraged to use any (or none) of these forms this year. If you are interested in using other forms there are many metered and unmetered to chose from including sonnets, the duplex, the skinny, haiku, and limerick’s.


Third Time’s a Charm

Greetings fellow poets! I’m so excited to participate in my 3rd poetry marathon this year! The third time is the charm for me because I also have the privilege of editing the anthology this year! I can’t wait to get writing and reading! I am planning a solo getaway to a special spot – with good wi-fi, comfortable seating and napping spaces and plenty of snacks and beverages. I like to beautify the space with flowers and scents. I try to hit the hay early the night before, be meditate a while after a morning walk. See you all along the way!

Are you ready?

Hi poetry friends! Sandi Johnson here. This is my third year in the marathon and second attempt at the full 24 hours! I’m excited and can’t wait to get into the poetry zone! I live in Houston but originally from New Jersey. Hot is the key word down here. Good luck to everyone!