hour 7

using song titles


She said hold on I want to
Make you feel my love
So I went balls to the wall
Sweating and swirling
Rolling in the deep
Until she dies a little death
And then another
And we’re are totally spent
We lie together
Dies irie

hour 6

Love of an inanimate object

little orange wedges

comfort me like no other
curved, ridged plastic
conforms to black rubber
clutching Jo safe,still, stable
closer than a family member
chocks are first desired

hour 5

mix and match poem

green gray covers
rope wrapped trees
grasping for reflections
of blue skies
awake in an RV cemetery
thinking the neighbors are so quiet
but knowing they are just
empty of life
waiting for vacation

hour 3

Lune Pretirement

Everyday, feeling blessed and relaxed
I drink the first cup in bed
Then move into the day

hour 2

Dinner for us all

Menopausal woman
Desires dehydrated
But flavored by experience
We become two resourceful cooks
These days

hour 1

Like a scar, Down’s Syndrome or other difference

can be a bright red raised line or

faded pale line barely noticeable.

Scars are something we all have.

Some of us show them off,

some try to hide them, and

some want to compare them to others.

Morning Dew

As I sit outside on the porch looking out across the fields.

Drinking my tea and sitting in my rocker waiting for the sun to come up.

The air smells fresh and clean while it is cool outside caused by the dew on the ground yields.

You can see the wetness from the dew upon nature called “The Morning Dew” yup!


The morning dew showers all of nature and it is so beautiful to watch!

When the flowers kiss the dew with their blooming leaves so new.

The bees taste the nectar wet and quench their thirst while I swatch!

So they all kiss the dew and then when the sun comes up, they all bid the dew adieu!


By:  Lori Tennessen


I would appreciate your comments on #15, Boomer Identity Crisis, which is the most likely that I will submit

#18 and #23 are about love and lost love and are certainly the most personal.

#5 is a nature poem
#17 rewrites the myths of creation.

#14 is an attempt at a Golden Shovel using a poem from this marathon

Number 1 & 24 morning from my window.

YOur comments on any of them would be appreciated.

1, 5, 14, 15, 17, 18, 23, 24
The rest I have eliminated from consideration.

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