Dance on Air

One day she’ll dance on air

When ground

And sky

And water

Are all one.

The wind in her hair

Soft rain falling

She can feel

Life’s rhythm

Flowing in.

She danced on earth;

Now she dances on air.



Faces in the rocks

And in the leaves

Upon the ground.

In clouds they change

When passing by

Each look

A new one found.

I see the faces

Of all time

Held there

In nature’s hand.

The Painting of the Stars

The first one glows

Alone at night

A monad in the dark.

Then second comes

And third and fourth

And grows the light.

Like fireflies in the sky

They dance


The painting of the stars.

I want to not do this, but…

I am going to follow through. I have a new commitment to myself, that whenever I sign up to do something or say I will do something, I DO IT.

I feel super nervous, because lately poetry has become something I fear. I used to love it dearly, but after tanking open mic after open mic lately, my confidence has really taken a huge hit.

Part of me is doing this to prove that I have what it takes, the other part to conquer my fears and something else inside tells me that this is going to be huge for me in some way that is unknown to me at the moment, but will become apparent soon and very soon.





My poetic life…

Hello there, my name is Vicki I live in Maine on a small island. I tend to write poems about romantic love. It feels as if my stuff writes itself really. The funniest things can inspire me. I enjoy having the soul of a poet. Good Luck every one