Hi Fellow Marathoners!

This is Carolyn in Baltimore.  I am trying out a post in Word Press just to be sure everything is up and running.  I am another one who always writes love poetry but I will try to experiment with some different stuff during the marathon. Expecting to be challenged before its all said and done.

Where’s my coffee?

Hello Fellow Poetry Peeps!

Excited to join my first poetry marathon. By Friday evening, my humble kitchen will be well stocked with coffee and chocolate. I suppose it would be a good idea to get some fruits and veggies…or other savory treats!  Until the wee hours of Saturday Morning (as my ‘marathoning’ will commence on Pacific Time), adieu and bonne chance!


Hi! This is my first time doing a poetry half marathon and I am looking forward to it very, very much. I am getting ready for a marathon (running:)) and my long run ( into Toronto with Connors Runners) is on Sunday so, I will only be doing the half marathon…that again is from 7 am-7 pm. I am looking forward to writing alongsid others in this type of virtual competition. It will be tough but I am using my photographs as motivation…I hope that is okay? Is it? Can we use our own “prompts? Or, are there any more specific rules re: first poem/ hour Haiku 🙂

Thanks you for this opportunity!!!! So, each hour, do we simply make posts this way? I notice on the side bar, there are 4 categories…and not one of them is for the half marathon. I actually did want to do the full marathon BUT, I can’t stay up all night because I have to run on Sunday 🙁



Excited, this is my first and I usually only write scripts and novels. I love a challenge..

Hello Everybody!!

Hi there! I am very excited to be apart of this Poetry Marathon! I am going to complete the 24 hour marathon. I hope to compile an array of poems within this 24 hour period. Something for everyone to enjoy! I am a writer, I write lots of poetry and music. I am working on a fictional book and hope to have it published sometime in 2015. I encourage everyone to write, it is an awesome mental exercise! Feel free to check out some of my poetry and lyrics on www.FathomTheSquare.com

Stay Blessed!


– Jessica Cruz


MORTALS! It is I, JWALKthe15th, and I am here to save us all from the dull, empty, undermining world we live in!

I’m truly excited to be participating in my first ever written poetry event!!! 24 hours of poetry is beautiful!

I hope everyone learns a little, gets some sleep, and enjoys the poetry.



I watched a Netflix documentary about these guys cramming to take their Master Sommelier exam in a 48-hour window, and that’s how I’m going to approach this marathon. I’m haiku loading, charging up the sonnets, tapping out the iambic pentameter and pulling all the stops for the free verse. I am in the zone.

I’m hoping to teach some creativity classes this fall, so I thought this marathon would be a great inspiration. Good luck everyone!

New Challenges


My name is Carolyn. I love writing poetry and taking on new writing challenges. In preparation for the marathon I will be reading some poetry and looking at writing prompts. This is my first time participating in a poetry marathon.

No one but a poet…

Why would anyone but a poet spend an entire Saturday posting every hour to a blog of strangers? This says as much about who I am as anything: I’m a writer. Poetry and non-fiction.

I grew up overseas, a fact which infuses much of my writing. It was a long time before I could accept that my writing wasn’t going to sound like the writing of many of my friends & colleagues. It still doesn’t, but it does  occasionally find homes. I have three published chapbooks, and currently am jobbing a book manuscript.

In the meantime? I teach classes in creative writing to older adults (through a community outreach program at the University of Tulsa). For years I taught writing at a state university, while also directing a federal non-profit working with teachers k-university.

As I’m too old to go w/out a night’s sleep (even for poetry), I’m participating in the half-marathon. I also want to see what I produce when I crank it out. Traditionally, that’s a good way to silence the inner censor. The past couple of years I’ve been working in tanka, so I may do some of that. However, there’s always my love of the neo-sonnet. Free/ blank verse is another possibility. Overall, I just hope to come up w/ 12 new poems to work over later.

Wishing everyone good writing ~