I Want

You opened up inside
I want to feel that you’re alive
And understand your old electricity that died
I want to drink the water from your soul
And swallow the truth of what makes you whole
I want to listen to the desires within your lips
And hold onto you as you may lose your grip
I want to feel the rhythm of your heart
Even when we are apart
I want to lock into your love shadows
I want to sizzle- you to the end of my world
And dash you through my sensations of my soul
I want to evaporate my past within
Because I want our relationship to be pure not sin
I want to intrigue you into my colorful mind
And take you beyond the intellectual of my love
I want to pull out what other’s fear
I want to be there to wipe your tears
I want to respect all your dreams and goals
Your actions will show me how you’ll keep us both whole
I want to be there for you when you need to express the pain
I want to watch you when it’s time for you to gain
I want to channel into your passionate ways
As we unite in the cycle as one with each passing day
And I want you to believe in the words I say

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