Why is Donald Trump willing to take a pay cut to have power and prestige?

Working for chump change?

Running for President was a good strategy for selling the book he didn’t write.

What now?

Did he lose a game of truth or dare and the dare was to run for president?

The chumps that will not change are the American People –

H.L Menken called us the “boobocracy”

Nobody ever went broke underestimating our intelligence.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

Ha Ha.

How cleverly we make our wry, detached comments,

Showing our superior detachment and philosophical control,

As the ship of state sinks.

Now that people know crazy lies and hate mongering sells, we will have it  back again.

The people who called Lincoln a monkey will have access to youtube and go on CNN for interviews.

Other reality TV stars will run of office, and eventually some will win,

And we might not notice the difference,

As the sideshow distracts us from the drowning earth,

The bodies riddled with bullets,

The jobless young black men fermenting in rage on the corners.

The billionaires playing us for suckers

Playing us off against each other.

The disabled against reproductive freedom,

Unions, the source of the middle class, against the middle  class.

Shut your eyes real real tight and look.

The strange orange man is still there,

and Republicans, selling their souls for victory,

have not disavowed him.

And someone, reading these words, will find the controversial.

“Yeh, but Hillary the liar who ordered the hit on Benghazi”

they begin.

Truth is split  into two camps,

Held hostage by ideology,

The facts themselves are for sale.

In fifty years the low areas of Oakland will be underwater.

Fortunately, in the eyes of those in a position to stop it,

Those areas are not the best part of town.

Let’s not let these things upset us, though,

As long as the cable and the internet are working.







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