Don’t count your urchicken before it hatches.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Are you forgetting not to count those chickens before they hatch?
The egg comes first, if you believe in evolution.
The proto-chicken laid an egg with a true chicken in it,
but it was not the first chicken until it hatched.
If it did not hatch, only the egg existed,
and only the egg with the first successful chicken counts-
if you are an evolutionist.
Just don’t crack that egg to make an omelet.
Fry no egg before its time or the process may leave the chicken out.

If, however, you are a creationist,
you count those chickens before they even lay their eggs.
The fist chicken was created,
without the special spices and herbs perhaps,
but with both dark and light meat,
ready for the plucking and the frying.
In its spare time it laid eggs that hatched
into scrumtious little potential fryers.
You still can’t count on those eggs hatching successfully,
but you can count the eggs.

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