Hour Nine Lo, a Spider

09 2017 spider

Lo, a Spider
by Paul Robert Sanford

Is this a spider I see before me?
Tiny legs waving an inch from my face?
Where did you come from, friend,
and what is holding you up?

Are you the hard worker
who put those nets to catch bugs
on my bathroom windows?
Carcasses of our prey littering the sill?

How could anyone as tiny as you
conquer such grand beasts?

Thank you for all your hard work.

One of these days I will clear away your work
so you, or your big sisters, can start again,
but in the meantime it comforts me
to think those beasts are not at large
in the house.

I’m glad none of you are big enough to
catch any of the mice,
but small and hairless as you are
I’m comfortable with you.

You are welcome, little friend,
Now it is time to get out of my face.

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